October 20, 2017 -- SONS OF APOLLO--former Dream Theater members Mike Portnoy and Derek Sherinian, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (ex-Guns N’ Roses), Billy Sheehan (The Winery Dogs, Mr. Big, David Lee Roth) and Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Journey, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force)—has just released the Vicente Cordero-directed video for “Lost In Oblivion” from their highly anticipated debut album, PSYCHOTIC SYMPHONY.

Watch now here:

Released today via InsideOutMusic / Sony, PSYCHOTIC SYMPHONY is available as a 2CD Mediabook (featuring a second disc of instrumental mixes and extended booklet with an exclusive Studio Diary), Gatefold 2LP vinyl + CD (which comes with an etching on side D and the entire album on the CD), Standard Jewelcase CD & digital download. It was produced by the dynamic production duo of Portnoy and Sherinian, also affectionately known as “The Del Fuvio Brothers,” which is the nickname given to them over 20 years ago during their time together in Dream Theater. Order it here:

As Portnoy exclaims, “I can’t believe it’s finally here!!! The SONS OF APOLLO debut album is finally OUT TODAY! This album has a little bit of something for everybody…Classic Rock, Metal, Prog…it’s a musical feast for the ears! To prime everybody for the release, we’re excited to debut the video for ‘Lost In Oblivion.’ This song is full-on energy, excitement and shred! From that crazy double bass drum pattern that took me forever to perfect, to the insane bass and guitar unisons throughout the song, to Jeff’s always-hooky chorus…this song is another great example of what this band is about.”

PSYCHOTIC SYMPHONY has been racking up early rave reviews:

“Don’t be fooled by the unbridled, belligerent power of PSYCHOTIC SYMPHONY...this album is highly cerebral music, and it is not for the musically faint-hearted. It is a statement – a declaration that these five stellar musicians intend to take over the planet, and it will not be a fair fight. It is heavy, packed with power, innovative, progressive (in all senses of that word), and yet not at all inattentive to the members’ childhood influences. Several of the members seem to have gone to great lengths to create new sounds for this band, while not disrespecting their classic rock roots. Each of them, of course, has an excess of the talent and chops required, but it is the passion and aggression with which they have tackled this project that stands out. Expect no quarter, because none will be given – the SONS OF APOLLO have launched their missile, and it is headed right at you.”

“…PSYCHOTIC SYMPHONY clearly does not disappoint…Hats off to these gentlemen for delivering one of the best records of 2017 and maybe the last decade. While the term ‘supergroup’ is thrown around a lot these days, I can honestly say that SONS OF APOLLO is the exact definition of that term.”

“...This album has balls. This is what technical quality is all about. Let’s just hope they will stick together and provide us music fans with a healthy competition with that other fantastic band in the same genre, Dream Theater.”

“…a heavy, progressive metal act that is sure to satisfy your hunger for this style of music.”

“…what an incredible debut it is. I can’t remember the last time I played a prog album as many times as I’ve been playing this...if you’ve ever been a fan of any of its members then trust me when I say you should check this out. Just be prepared for your jaw to drop because it’s that awe-inspiring.”

“Every musician stands out, and each instrument is dominant...PSYCHOTIC SYMPHONY is nine songs of musical excellence....This record is a must-have for Bumblefoot, Sherinian, Soto, and Portnoy fans.  You won’t be disappointed.”

“We can’t wait for everybody to finally have the full album this week and we look forward to hitting the road in 2018,” says Mike Portnoy, “playing all around the world all year long!”

Stay tuned for news about SONS OF APOLLO first worldwide tour in 2018.
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