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Billy Morrison; Vocals
Billy Duffy; Guitar
Ricky Warwick; Guitar
Brett Scallions; Bass
*Matt Sorum; Drums (On Record)
Charles Ruggiero; Drums (Live Band)

“This band thrives when placed on a very thin tightrope. Fuck the safety nets. We got together, turned on the amps and Circus Diablo came out of the Marshalls. I stuck my face up to the mic, and out came Circus Diablo. We did not build this, it truly built itself and now it has its own zip code. Recording shit was an afterthought, if anything, we are seemingly being pulled to another location that will not be found on Google Map. And now, it looks like every mother’s son and daughter are gonna get a chance to join Circus Diablo and follow the blind, leading the blind, into some gloriously blinding light, or into 3 feet of human waste. I know what you are thinkin’ right about now, shut up and play bitch!”

– Billy Morrison

Three men from the UK had no world changing plans, Billy Morrison, Billy Duffy and Ricky Warwick, just got together in Morrison’s garage and just kicked it out. Straight rock, no bullshit, no frills, no samples, no break beats, and no plans, except to make some noise and grind out a few good rock songs. Three straight days and a bunch of songs later, a band walked out into a bright Los Angeles morning. And in a birth-like experience, somewhere between the dark of a garage, and an unforgiving light, CIRCUS DIABLO was born. Ricky’s rhythms, Duffy’s hooks, and Morrison’s far too many cigarettes and Red Bull vocals all fit together, and they were pulled forward by fate.

The next step was a logical one; record some of the tracks with Matt on drums, in his studio. With a resume that reads The Cult, Guns N’ Roses and now Velvet Revolver, Matt Sorum is quite possibly the world’s best rock drummer. He also happens to be a mate of Duffy and Morrison. Of course, the band still needed a bass player. Enter Brett Scallions of Fuel. Although noted for his vocals, Brett is a truly accomplished musician, and his amazing stage presence and backing vocals completed the package. Take two parts Cult, a pound of Almighty, and a drop of high octane Fuel and beat it together with a slice of Velvet Revolver tossed in for good measure. The end result was nothing less than CIRCUS DIABLO.

With drummer, Charles Ruggiero (Slunt) completing the bands line up, and a personal invitation from The Prince Of Darkness himself to appear on this years groundbreaking OZZFEST (now known as “The Freefest”), the band is ready to drop their self titled debut disc July 3, 2007 on KOCH Records, and dance like mother-fuckers across that thin tightrope out on the road. 

*Matt Sorum appears courtesy of RCA Records.

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