May 22, 2020 -- Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter duo DAUZAT ST. MARIE—(pronounced dō'-zaht, “like robot,” as guitarist Mat Dauzat says) known to many as the voices and guitar of the accomplished Los Angeles rock band Hydrovibe--is gearing up to spread their impassioned harmonic musical synergy with fans both far and wide with today’s highly anticipated release of their new song, “Where Were You?”

A fitting anthem for our time, “Where Were You?” reflects what people have been through in this lifetime and brings it full circle. The poignant self-produced and self-directed video for the song premiered on the website of American Songwriter magazine earlier today and can be viewed on the band’s official YouTube page. The song can now be streamed and downloaded via Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.

“Our lives can be chronicled through a connecting of the dots between pillar events in time,” explains the duo. “From the first time we got caught sneaking out of the house or other youthful testings of the limitations in adult patience, to the time we experienced tragedy that rocked us to our very core. You may remember exactly where you were the day an excited nation turned a bright eye to the sky as teacher Christa McAuliffe and her fellow crew of six brave astronauts set course for new horizons in space, just to have all hopes disintegrate into thin air right before our eyes. You may remember exactly where you were when the earth shook so violently that buildings collapsed, and you might have witnessed shaken neighbors selflessly assisting others in the aftermath. You probably remember watching in horror as the second plane disappeared into tower number two, and may remember quite well the silent solidarity of a nation picking itself up from the ashes to rise back up in glorious fashion. You may recall a dark day as Hurricane Katrina’s wrath exceeded the limitations of the very levees protecting the Crescent City, and you might remember a subsequent rejoiceful homecoming of their beloved Saints fresh from an emotional inaugural Super Bowl win. 

“This is our history. These are extraordinary moments that make up the fabric of our collective being. These are the moments that define who we are. We are currently living in one of those extraordinary moments, and the power to pen the next chapter in history is completely in our capable hands.”

Some artists maintain such an innately intuitive level of connectivity that they don’t even require direct eye contact to get their mutual point across. Together, they possess a sixth sense of awareness shared only with each other and no one else — a special kind of artistic union they’re then able to channel directly into the music they create for the rest of us.

Such is the result of the indelible creative bond formed between powerhouse vocalist Heather St. Marie and guitarist/vocalist Mat Dauzat practically from the very first moment they began making music together as teenagers back in their home state of Louisiana.

DAUZAT ST. MARIE’S debut album, FALLING AGAIN, was released in 2014. After heading out on the road for a number of nationwide tours with their good friends Rick Springfield and Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo, they were forced to take time off in 2018, because Heather had to undergo treatment for breast cancer. Thankfully, she’s been cancer-free since last year and they’re both excited to finally get back to creating music.

As a positive result of her cancer battle, Heather and Mat teamed up with the Susan G. Komen organization for various events and opportunities, which included a special performance at this year’s MORE THAN PINK Walk at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA on February 29. They recently partnered with Susan G. Komen to talk about how Heather is coping with COVID-19 since she’s a cancer survivor, which can be seen on the organization’s YouTube page.

Originally hailing from Louisiana, Heather and Mat got their big break as songwriters when the blockbuster hit movie “Saw III” included Hydrovibe’s song, “Killer Inside,” in the movie and on the official soundtrack album. The franchise also included the music video for “Killer Inside” as part of the “Saw III” Director’s Cut DVD and “The Saw Trilogy” DVD boxed set. The exposure from Hydrovibe’s inclusion in the movie catapulted the band into a rigorous touring schedule that kept them on the road for years and cultivated a strong following for the band. This intense touring regimen set the precedent for Dauzat St. Marie’s current touring practice.

Mat continued to be in demand as a touring guitarist, and while on tour with acclaimed singer/songwriter Schuyler Fisk (Sissy Spacek’s daughter), Heather and Mat were offered some opening slots on Schuyler’s shows. These bare-bones acoustic duo performances were very well-received, which ignited the spark that led the two to revisit their roots as a singer/songwriter duo. They began sneaking in studio sessions between Hydrovibe tours to write and record music specifically for this budding new duo project they later named Dauzat St. Marie, and with the 2014 debut of the new project at the world-renowned singer-songwriter venue The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, a creative full-circle was effectively achieved.

Gaining the attention of Grammy® Award-winning hitmaker Rick Springfield in late 2015, Dauzat St. Marie became a direct support staple on his “Stripped” solo acoustic series shows in the U.S. for a few years. The success of that pairing led to Dauzat St. Marie getting the invite to join Rick Springfield (full band) and current Rock & Roll Music Hall Of Fame nominees Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo for a full U.S. summer tour in 2018. 







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