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If music is the echo of an invisible world then CASEY CRESCENZO--mastermind behind THE DEAR HUNTER--has found a way to capture the ineffable through his craft. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist from a young age, CASEY was taught everything he knows by his mother and father. In 2005, what began as an escape, an alternate means of creative fulfillment, finally took center stage and eclipsed all that came before it. THE DEAR HUNTER is a musical project irreducible to a single genre and defies trite claims to classification. It is greater than the sum of its parts and reflects the mountain of musical influences forming CASEY’s talent as soon as he was old enough to understand melody. Those influences have forged into one voice that truly knows no boundaries, borders, or barriers. THE COLOR SPECTRUM is the sound of one man's interpretation of the world around him. Its vast scope and daring premise belie the often simplistic messages found in CASEY's words, those of hope, love, faith, fear, death, life, and even afterlife.

From THE DEAR HUNTER’s inception in the early 2000s, a story has remained affixed to the band's music. Like so many bands that get roped into a category, there comes a time when the desire arises to break the shackles and confines of a certain set of parameters, and for CASEY CRESCENZO, that time is now. The characters of ACT 1: THE LAKE SOUTH THE RIVER NORTHACT II: THE MEANING OF, AND ALL THINGS REGARDING MS. LEADING, and ACT III: LIFE AND DEATH, have been (perhaps temporarily) laid to rest to give way to CASEY's true vision, a vision that speaks from the heart and the mind of a man his fans have longed to know more closely for years. In CASEY's own words, "There was a moment in my studio when I was sitting with a friend, and we were discussing what I would do next. I told him I was burnt out, and felt I needed a break from writing records that were stuck in the world of ACT I-III, and at that moment it became inevitable. I would set off to finish THE COLOR SPECTRUM, and wouldn't stop until I was holding the final project in hand." Fans and new listeners alike now have the opportunity to experience life through his eyes as they never have before. There are no fictional characters; there is no guise or all-encompassing dramatic premise. We are left with one man, and a sonic interpretation of how he sees the world. Devoted fans of the band have followed the story of "the boy," "Ms. Leading," and so on, through the first three ACTS, experiencing the music as almost a score, or soundtrack to the characters' journeys. This time, the journey is purely CASEY CRESCENZO’s.

THE DEAR HUNTER now proudly presents THE COLOR SPECTRUM a nine-EP volume of music that is rife with passion, poignancy, and powerful imagery. To some, a project of this magnitude--attempting to channel the emotion, the depth, the sheer consequence of THE COLOR SPECTRUM--may seem like an impossible task. When asked about tackling a project so vast, CASEY says, "When all is said and done, what’s left are songs. If you strip it all away--the face of the project, this is still music--and this music is my means of communication. At this point, I have sent my message out and all I can hope is that people will hear it, and if nothing else, enjoy a few hours of music." Capturing the essence of these nine colors would be a different and unique process for any individual, and in a way, CASEY says, that is what this whole thing is about as well. "The subjectivity of art." The American realist painter Andrew Wyeth once said, "If one could catch that true color of nature--the very thought of it drives me mad." CASEY himself can attest to that sentiment, as he nearly drove himself mad circling the country by car with his fiancé, his dog, his guitar(s), and a camera. Thousands of miles and hours were logged in CASEY's search to materialize and interpret what we often take for granted. As he tells his story, he paints a picture for the listener using the nine colors at his disposal. It's a story that is long-awaited, and greatly rewarding for the listener. As the great Wayne Coyne said, "Music is amazing. There's some metaphysical comfort where it allows you to be isolated and alone while telling you that you are not alone…truly, the only cure for sadness is to share it with someone else." It is not only sadness, but happiness, fear, joy, and love that CASEY is sharing with this epic collection. He was tireless and devout in his journey, and has finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel, in the form of a wonderfully inventive, timeless collection of music. Only the light is not only white, as we so often envision. It is white, black, red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo, and violet, all at once. Now, reflecting on the experience of making THE COLOR SPECTRUM he states, “I can confidently say that I feel more accomplished than ever before. There is not a moment, note, word, rhythm I do not believe in.” 

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