April 30, 2009 -- Branson, MO is known for their luxurious resorts and golf courses, museums and attractions. And now it’ll be known for…tattoos? That’s right. America’s bloodiest band of heavy metal hellions, SCUM OF THE EARTH, is bringing the world of tattoos and piercing to this seemingly tranquil area of the country.

On April 26, the band’s singer/songwriter/guitarist RIGGS opened the doors to RIGGS' MONSTER TATTOO parlor. The new business venture is sure to overwhelm local residents and tourists with a way of life filled with lust, carnage and debauchery, cranium-cracking music, and infectious art brought on by some of the top tattoo artists in the business. RIGGS has assembled an all-star crew of tattoo artists to keep the shop running at its most fevered pace, including Rev. Tim Pontillo, Eden Draven and Crazy Joe McVeigh. Some prestigious special guest artists will also stop by the store throughout the coming months.

RIGGS’ MONSTER TATTOO is home to a crazy collection of famous guitars, movie monsters, stage props, Gold and Platinum records, music and horror movie memorabilia, and the best tattooing and body piercing in southern Missouri. “We took the time to make our shop stand out from the rest, with prices that can’t be beat,” proclaims RIGGS. “The feel of the store is a rock ‘n roll monster extravaganza! The neighbors and tourists are loving it so far.”

As artist Rev. Tim Pontillo continues: “This is not your average, boring, slapped-together-quick tattoo shop like the others here in town.”

Here’s info about all of the tattoo artists (in their own words):

Rev. Tim Pontillo:

I have been tattooing over 10 years. I grew up in Sturgis, SD and served a two year apprenticeship under Troy Sander in Omaha, NE and Springfield, MO. I like almost all styles of tattooing and I’ve been published in TattooTattoo RevueTattoos For MenTabu Tattoo and Skin and Ink. My client list includes, of course Riggs and Brandon of Scum Of The Earth, members of David Allen Coe’s band and Metal Sanaz.

Joseph McVeigh:

I started tattooing in 1992. I wish I had some cool story to tell about how I got into tattooing, like my uncle came home from the Navy when I was 3 years old, and was sleeved. Or how I used to draw on all the neighborhood kids when I was 12 years old and I always knew that I wanted to tattoo. All I can say is that I was fortunate to be tattooed by some really great artists when I was younger, and that by happenstance I met a talented artist named Clay Decker. He provided me with the insight, knowledge, and the inspiration, to journey down this path, to which I am forever grateful. I own and operate Fine Line Tattoo Missouri, which is part of a family of shops along with Todd Hlavaty, including five shops in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area, and another shop in Japan with Gus Higo. I've been published in Karl Marc's Handmade series of books. I'm an original member of the Tattoo Machine Builders Guild, and an all around swell guy.

Eden Draven:

I’ve been tattooing professionally for over three years. Before that, I was tattooing grapefruits and tomatoes for a year as part of a formal apprenticeship to get used to working on irregular and somewhat tender surfaces. Many a tomato was sacrificed in this effort! It’s funny, once a grapefruit has been tattooed; they turn hard as a rock. I’ve had some of my “earlier works” given away as Christmas ornaments when friends found out I was just throwing them away and asked to keep them because they were too pretty to just throw out. (Ask to see my grapefruit Seahorse as an example.) I like tattooing the traditionally more “Girly” tattoos; butterflies, flowers, leafy stuff. I find that floral type designs give me a little more license to fit a specific area of the body or tie it in to other designs and can be very individualized for the person getting the tattoo. On the other side of the spectrum, I also enjoy drawing up stippled, worn out teddy bears being held by zombie children surrounded by stone markers. Or even silly bats hanging upside-down leering at the viewer. So really, I just like tattooing something I can get into just a little bit.

So book your ticket to Branson ASAP, not to check out the latest magician, tribute band or Broadway show, but to get inked at RIGGS’ MONSTER TATTOO!

The shop is located at:

1615 State Hwy. 76, Suite F
Branson, MO 65616
417 544 0003







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