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The Devil Made Me Do It

SCUM OF THE EARTH was formed in late 2003 by former Rob Zombie guitarist RIGGS, an in-your-face singer, guitarist, songwriter, and producer, when Zombie set aside his music career, focusing on writing and directing movies. As the brainchild of RIGGS, SCUM OF THE EARTH’S music focuses on a horror/heavy rock theme which he has helped incorporate during his time in Rob Zombie.

In 2004 the band released their debut album, “Blah… Blah… Blah…: Love Songs for the New Millennium”, that was built around high-propulsion riffs, mechanized beats, growling vocals and horror film sound-bytes. Songs like the carnivalesque “Get Your Dead On” and the surging “I Am the Scum” illustrated the type of dynamic, granite-solid musicianship Riggs exhibited for six years with Zombie.

The follow up, 2007's "Sleaze Freak" was also very well received and landed album cuts in many movie soundtracks and video games.

Songs from both of SCUM OF THE EARTH’s albums have been licensed by MTV Spike and the Cartoon television networks, the Rockband video game, introductions for The Opie & Anthony, as well as The Howard Stern radio programs. In addition, their songs were featured in several motion pictures including Any Given Sunday, National Lampoon’s TV, The Movie and Devil Girl.
“I’m really proud of the work I did with Rob, so I don’t mind being compared to him. As long as people don’t say SCUM sounds like something that sucks” Riggs jokes.

In November 2011 SCUM OF THE EARTH signed with Chicago based Goomba Music. The approach is a partnership in which Goomba and RIGGS could develop the band and a new album giving RIGGS complete artis-tic control.

SCUM OF EARTH entered the studio in March, 2012 to begin recording their next offering "The Devil Made Me Do It". The new album promises to be a step in a new and modern direction while staying true to the roots and original concept of the band. RIGGS describes the new material as "Classic Scum of the Earth with a demonic twist". "The Devil Made Me Do It" is set for an August 28, 2012 release.

On May 19, “The Devil Made Me Do It 3” the album’s first single made its debut during the New Jersey Devils/New York Rangers National Hockey League Eastern Conference Finals game at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Goomba Music will release "The Devil Made Me Do It 3" on iTunes and other digital music outlets on Tuesday, May 22, 2012.




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