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Narek Pogosyan—vocals/bass
Erwin Khachikian—keyboards
Vigen Sayadian—drums
Rafik Oganyan—vocals/guitar

After showcasing their full sonic strengths on their intoxicating self-titled EP released in 2004, Slow Motion Reign has been touring extensively throughout North America. In addition to their own shows on the West Coast, the band’s 2004 tours included shows with Ozomatli, Soul Sirkus (founded by Journey guitarist Neal Schon) and Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains. Their first full album, due out July 25, 2006, reflects the vibrant, melodic intensity of the EP, and a magnetically singular sound that sets the band apart from stock rock radio contemporaries.

"They're great songwriters in the tradition of the Beatles and Pink Floyd," says System of a Down singer Serj Tankian, who signed the group to his own Serjical Strike Records in 2001. "Their songs are beautiful and filled with all sorts of wonderful textures. It's all very emotional and moving," says Tankian. In fact, Tankian was so moved, that he also offered to man the boards for the band's self-titled debut album. "It's the first outside project I've ever produced," he says.

Although their music can often be said to be reflective of the “space rock” genre, Slow Motion Reign’s compositions are complex and multi-faceted beyond any single category of music. “The purpose of our music is to bring forth a more melodic and warmer sound to rock ‘n roll, that has authenticity and emotion,” comments drummer Vigen Sayadian. “One thing we did not want to do in our careers was make cookie-cutter music…we want to put something out that has some integrity; that has meaning.”

The members of Slow Motion Reign first met Tankian a few years back through mutual friends. Once the quartet tightened its sound and live show, they called him for advice and that eventually led to the band signing to Serjical Strike. Narek explains, "Making the record with Serj was a great experience. He gave us the freedom to be ourselves and make the record the way we envisioned it. We've all been making music since we were kids, so the opportunity to play for a living is a dream come true."

The results are stunning. Recorded with warmth and three-dimensional depth, Slow Motion Reign’s debut is hypnotic and vividly rich, brimming with lyrics and intricate chord structures as indelible as its hooks. The songs, primarily written by vocalist/bassist Narek Pogosyan and fleshed out by keyboardist Erwin Khachikian and Sayadian, are largely built on fragile piano-based arrangements rich with pictures. Although the album was recorded with guitarist Sam Babayan, Slow Motion Reign is now joined by guitarist Rafik Oganyan, who signed onto the band in early 2006.

“Change has been hard, but the challenge is welcomed,” comments Khachikian. “We’re looking forward to a progressive future, filled with solidarity and music that provokes and is full of passion.”





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