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John Allen - Vocals

Teddy Merrill – Guitar

Rick Reynolds – Bass

Jason Heiser – Drums

STONE HORSES’ self-titled debut EP was a perfect blend of the swampy blues of the South with a truly modern rock groove. The songs are powered by dark melodies, huge choruses, and witty lyrics and the bands single “Reckless Ways” independently made its way onto the charts. STONE HORSES sophomore effort to be released on July, 31st 2020 via Broken World / The Orchard /Sony, continues in this tradition yet shows the growth of the band.

With a sound that is undeniable and infectious, the first single and title track “Good Ol’ Days” will be released on June 19th and reminds us of why we love rock and roll. Remember concerts? Remember parties? Remember songs that made you put your hands up and say,” hell ya!?” If you answered yes to any of these questions, this band is for you.

From Baltimore, MD, STONE HORSES was founded in 2016 by 19-year-old guitarist Teddy Merrill and vocalist John Allen.

“Teddy was this teenage kid playing in a School of Rock band that opened for one of my other bands a few years back” states Allen. “I was impressed and kept in touch. He is an interesting cat... he has a very old soul, he’s like a 70-year-old walking around in a 19-year-old body.” Allen continues, “We came across Rick while he still lived in Texas after moving to the U.S. from Australia. After hearing the music, he said “I’m in mate and I’m moving!” John had known drummer Jason Heiser for some time and after playing with him in other acts, he knew he was the rhythmic hands and feet for STONE HORSES.

GOOD OL’ DAYS was produced by Allen and mixed by Erik Ron (Godsmack, Bush). The five tracks on the EP are fueled by the memorable riffs and big hook-laden melodies that timeless songs are made of. Allen’s throaty yet sultry voice is intimately connected to his hard rock roots, meshing perfectly with Merrill’s swaggering guitar riffs and the tight rhythm section of Reynolds and Heiser to create an exciting mixture of the vintage and the new.

Track listing

1. Cheat Lie Steal

2. Good Ol’ Days

3. Queen Bee

4. Heat Of The Night

5. Rattlsnake



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September 2, 2020