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Throughout his life, singer/guitarist Bluhauz has experienced a truly unpredictable and unprecedented journey. From his native Argentina to living in Miami, from admiring Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page to being mentored by him, from attending Berklee College of Music to playing some of the most famed festivals in the world - Bluhauz has done all of these things. Now, with his debut solo album, BLUHAUZ, he’s setting off on his biggest adventure yet - musically, spiritually, and personally.

Lead single “Purify My Soul,” released in 2020, signaled Bluhauz’s intent. “I’m a more spiritual kind of person now, looking for self-awareness. A lot of my songs talk about purifying your soul and that kind of spiritual growth, and that theme repeats all over the album,” he says. This is evident with the other two singles that have been released, “Give It Back” and “Everyday,” as well as the rest of the thirteen tracks on the album.

This new level of maturity and insight doesn’t mean Bluhauz’s music is overly serious, however: this is alternative blues rock with a lot of heart, soul, and swagger. Some songs have a more pop sensibility while others are funky - but regardless of the stylistic explorations, every song features his nimble blues-influenced guitar playing and impassioned vocals.

Bluhauz began his musical journey while growing up in Argentina. A pivotal moment came when he was thirteen years old, when his musical horizons were greatly expanded after his Uncle Martin uploaded songs onto his iPod, giving him his first introduction to Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd. “I spent an entire week in awe listening to everything,” Bluhauz says. “From then, I never looked back.” But he wasn’t content to simply listen to this type of music: he wanted to create it, too, so he soon learned to play the guitar. As a teenager, he joined his first band - who rehearsed in a blue house, which later inspired his “Bluhauz” artist moniker. When he was seventeen years old, he started playing shows - and immediately knew this is what he needed to do with his life. “There was just something I felt when I started playing live - it just took me to a deeper level,” he says.

Moving to the U.S. when he was twenty years old (though he’d been visiting family in America his whole life), Bluhauz enrolled at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston - where he promptly made his mark by remaining to true to rock, instead of the school’s typical jazz focus. In 2013, he formed the hard rock band Stone Giant with like-minded classmates.

Bluhauz also stood out at Berklee thanks to legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. When Bluhauz was nineteen years old, he visited England and first met Page through a personal connection. After seeing a DVD of Led Zeppelin performing at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Bluhauz was invited to Page’s home. “It was such a powerful experience. He saw me play. We had an amazing chat about everything,” Bluhauz says. Years later, when Bluhauz was finishing his studies at Berklee (with a major in songwriting), he invited Page to attend his graduation ceremony. Page accepted, and was in the audience as Bluhauz and his classmates performed their final concert. “I basically ended up music directing the whole section of the Led Zeppelin music that night,” Bluhauz says. (As part of these graduation events, Berklee also awarded Page an Honorary Doctorate.)

Post-graduation, Bluhauz continued on with Stone Giant, releasing a self-titled album in 2015. It earned praise from publications such as Rolling Stone and Billboard, and within months of its release, the band were invited to play the iconic Lollapalooza festival in Chile and Argentina. More festivals followed, where they shared stages with the likes of Gorillaz and Tame Impala. “We were on fire all over the place, but especially in South America because of those festivals,” Bluhauz says. The band also released a well-received EP, NASTY CREATURES, in 2018.

Many artists would stick with a situation that was leading to greater and great successes, but Bluhauz left Stone Giant three years ago. “Maybe if I had continued on that path, today we would be this big rock and roll band - but you start realizing who you want to be,” Bluhauz says of this decision. “People change. The group changes. The music changes. I've always been a bit more bluesy.”

Beyond deciding to start a solo career, Bluhauz reinvented the rest of his life, as well, moving to Miami in 2018 and working as a concert promoter at a company he co-founded, as well as writing and producing other artists. He also founded a music production company, LoSweet Records with his associate producer David Molho (they co-produced the Bluhauz album together).

Even while doing other work within the industry, Bluhauz never lost sight of his own musical vision: “I always had that fire, wanting to pursue that artistic life.” All the experience he’s gained working in other facets of the music business have served to help him make better decision for his own career. Now, he says, “I have more control over what I say, what I write, what I play. I already had that band experience where it's more of a democracy, and now I'm excited to take full control of it.”

That said, Bluhauz isn’t completely going it alone: he’s quick to add that he has a trusted team around him. This inner circle includes drummer Pepe Hidalgo (who was also in Stone Giant) and bassist Pablo Della Bella (who also plays with Ricky Martin). On the management side, Bluhauz is partnering with Nicolas Boskis, Owl Master Booking, and After College Music. He has also teamed up with Nicolas Fernandez. Andrea Fernandez and Anne Godoneo, who are in charge of his creative content. 

With his clear musical vision and trusted team backing him, Bluhauz is ready release this debut solo album and fully launch this latest phase in his career. Things already look promising: the three singles have all been well-received, leading to his much-praised appearance at the Billboard AR virtual festival last July.

And these are just the start of his plans: “I feel this new Bluhauz era is a rebirth with a fresh new purpose - while staying connected to the reasons why I dedicated my life to music,” he says. “I’m excited to be a good influence and express my values and vision through my lyrics and sound.”

Given all the unexpected twists and turns his life has already taken, it will undoubtedly be interesting to watch - and hear - what Bluhauz does next.



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