With ABC PR, no publicity stone is left unturned.

Music & Entertainment PR

ABC Public Relations represents a diverse roster of artists. Amanda Cagan has taken the music business by storm with her thriving independent publicity firm, ABC Public Relations. Having worked on press campaigns for a wide range of music artists such as Alanis Morissette, Backstreet Boys, Korn, David Lee Roth, P.M. Dawn, Styx, Collective Soul, and most everyone in-between, she's now concentrating her energies on her talented clients. Tackling all facets of national, regional and tour press, the exceptional creative diversity of artists at ABC PR gives Amanda the opportunity to generate feature stories, reviews, and personal appearances for her artists in all outlets, including national magazines and television shows, regional fanzines and newspapers, satellite radio specials, internet publications, and beyond. With ABC PR, no publicity stone is left unturned. Amanda’s motto: “If an artist wants to work, I’ll put them to work!”

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