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Embarking on a musical journey that transcends genres and generations, Rizz & The Believerz is an extraordinary ensemble curated by Troy Luccketta, celebrated for his 35+ years as the powerhouse drummer of Tesla. This collective of A-class musicians represents a fusion of iconic talent, each bringing their unique legacy to the ensemble.

Peter Keys, the masterful keys maestro from Lynyrd Skynyrd, injects soulful layers into the sound, while Michael Staretow, brings a pedigree that includes many years as lead guitarist with original Foreigner vocalist, and solo artist Lou Gramm. Michael Devin, a stalwart from Whitesnake, lays down the bass grooves, and John Salaway, a multi-instrumentalist , adds his distinct touch. Troy Luccketta Jr., on percussion, introduces a rhythmic dimension that bridges the musical eras.

Fronting this illustrious lineup is the dynamic Rizz, a vibrant singer hailing from a different era of music. His youthful energy and modern vocal stylings harmonize seamlessly with the collective experience of the seasoned musicians. Together, they embark on a mission to create something fresh and positive, a musical sound that transcends boundaries.

Rizz & The Believerz's sound is an intricate blend of rock, reggae, and hip hop influences, creating a global resonance that appeals to the masses. Their compositions, rooted in messages of love, unity & perseverance serve as a melodic journey that unites listeners from diverse backgrounds. With a commitment to positivity, Rizz & The Believerz invite audiences to experience a harmonious fusion where the past and present converge, creating a sonic masterpiece that uplifts the spirit and resonates with the heartbeat of humanity, Get ready to be Inspired.

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